Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
Fire Call Report for August 2021Structure Fires 4Automatic Fire Alarms 17Motor Vehicle Collisions with injuries 1Motor Vehicle Collision with entrapment 2Natural Gas Smell in a structure 3Carbon Monox...
Tuesday, August 10th, 2021
Alarms for the July 2021Area:North Belle Vernon -6Monessen- 8Rostraver Township- 4Washington Township- 2Belle Vernon- 1Smithton- 1South Huntington Township- 1 Alarm Type:Structure Fire- 4Vehicle Fire-...
At 80 units were dispatched at 2130 hours assisting Rostraver Central Fire Co with a fire alarm sounding in a local restaurant. Command arrived on scene and found cooking set off the alarm and cancell...
Friday, January 29th, 2021
At 1335 hours 80 units were dispatched to a local grocery store for a vehicle vs pedestrian accident. 80 Assistant 1 (Ceccarelli) arrived on scene first and found the patient was moved into the store....
Monday, August 9th, 2021
Members have put 6 more sets of new turnout gear in service over the past week. We are continuing to upgrade our equipment and better protect or members.
Wednesday, April 28th, 2021
We will be having our annual bike run on July 10th 2021. $20 per rider and $15 for passangers. Sign ins will be held at the Fire Station at 10am Blessing of the Bikes to follow and the ride begins at ...
Sunday, January 17th, 2021
Please be careful when changing your old halogen lightbulb tubes over to LED. You need to use the conversion kit and cannot plug the LED tubes into the halogen ballast this will cause a fire.
Thursday, December 24th, 2020
The 2021 Chiefs and Business Officers were elected at the 2nd meeting in November. The Chiefs will appoint the Captain, Lieutenants, and Safety Officers at the beginning of the year.Chief Kurt Parshal...
Past Presidents

Year     President                    1st Vice                    2nd Vice

2021    A Ross                       B Peters                 ----------------

2020    A Ross                       B Peters                  ---------------

2019    A Ross                       B Peters                  .................

2018    A. Ross                      B. Peters                 .................

2017    A. Ross                      B. Peters                   ..............

2016    A. Ross                      B. Peters                   ..............

2015    J.E. Garber                K. Ramsdell               --------------

2014    J.E. Garber                J. Ebbitt                     --------------

2013    S. Ferguson II            B. Peters                   Office Removed

2012    S. Ferguson II            B. Peters                   Office Removed

2011    S. Ferguson II            M. Parzynski              B. Peters

2010    T. Ramer                   M. Parzynski              B. Peters

2009    T. Ramer                   B. Hrach                    B. Peters

2008    T. Ramer                    L. Parzynski               B. Hrach

2007    L. Parzynski               D. Booth                    B. Peters

2006    L. Parzynski               D. Booth                    B. Peters

2005    L. Parzynski               D. Booth                    B. Peters

2004    L. Parzynski               D. Booth                    B. Peters

2003    L. Parzynski               D. Booth                    F. Fundy

2002    A.C. Burkhart             L. Parzynski               B. Peters

2001    B. Peters                   L. Parzynski               C. Ceccarelli

2000    M. Parzynski              L. Parzynski               B. Peters

1999    J. E. Garber               M. Parzynski              T. Grunsky

1998    M. Parzynski              L. Parzynski               T. Grunsky

1997    M. Parzynski              L. Parzynski               B. Peters

1996    M. Parzynski              L. Parzynski               B. Peters

1995    R. Nogy                    M. Parzynski              B. Peters

1994    F. Fundy                   D. Booth                   M. Parzynsky

1993    M. Amoroso              D. Booth                    A.C. Burkhart

1992    S. Fiorino                  D. Booth                   A.C. Burkhart

1991    R. Nogy                    D. Booth                   A.C. Burkhart

1990    R. Nogy                    D. Booth                   A.C. Burkhart

1989    R. Nogy                    D. Booth                   A.C. Burkhart

1988    A.C. Burkhart            L. Parzynski               R. Nogy

1987    D. Booth                   L. Parzynski              A.C. Burkhart

1986    L. Ceccarelli              D. Booth                   A.C. Burkhart

1985    S. Ferguson II           L. Parzynski              C. Ambrose

1984    S. Ferguson II           L. Parzynski              R. Nogy

1983    F. Fundy                   L. Parzynski              A.C. Burkhart

1982    F. Fundy                   J.A. Mondi                L. Parzynski

1981    L. Christopher           J.A. Mondi                L. Parzynski

1980    A. Zumpetta             T. Patterson              L. Parzynski

1979    J.D. Mondi                T. Patterson             R. Lowe

1978    J.D. Mondi                T. Patterson             R. Lowe

1977    L.Christopher            R. Moluski                R. Lowe

1976    E. Gilmore                T. Patterson             W. Konocheck

1975    E. Gilmore                T. Patterson              J.D. Mondi

1974    W. Vizza                   L. Christopher          T. Patterson

1973    W. Vizza                   C.R. Whitelaw          T. Patterson

1972    K. Kinik                    C.R. Whitelaw          T. Patterson

1971    K. Kinik                     D. Booth                 L. Christopher

1970    A. Sichi                     D. Booth                 L. Ceccarelli

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